We do not create, produce, or broadcast these streams in any form or fashion. We cannot control the content or channels that are added or deleted from our lineup. Furthermore we expect our customers to have an excellent experience with IPTV Services and do not encourage the reproduction or restream of any broadcasting networks.


Getting Started

  • To enjoy the IPTV Services, please download VLC Media Player from here.
  • After successful download, please install the VLC Player on your Computer.
  • Right Click on any of the below channel button you would like to watch & select “Copy Link Address”.
  • Open the Player & Go To Media > Open Network Stream
  • Paste the link in the “Please Enter a Network URL” field & Click on “Play”.
  • Your selected favorite channel will be played.
  • You can also download the IPTV Playlist from here and open with VLC Media Player.


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